Calling All the Faithful

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Sister Bliss at Neverland Festival

Posted on: 17/05/12

Very excited for Neverland Festival this weekend, gonna be a BIG one!!

Who's coming? RSVP here.


Passing The Baton on iTunes

Posted on: 29/03/12

Audio highlights from Passing The Baton are now available to download on iTunes. 

To download the final ever Faithless performance, click here

Passing The Baton on MTV HD

Posted on: 29/03/12

This Sunday (April 1st), one hour of Passing The Baton will be showed across the world on MTV HD. 

The broadcast will feature the best bits of Passing The Baton, which was recorded at the band's last ever live show at Brixton Academy last April. 

If you can't wait, you can buy the DVD here

Get the Faithless lyrics

Well all from him
We still have a home to live in
I’m learnin to ride the riddim
When she come in face full of arguing

Flyin Hi

I wash my face
And then undress
Close my day

Love Is My Condition

Wait a minute
Here comes a love song
There goes a banister

Feel Me

With nowhere to stop

All our lives we wake up chasing the wind
Catching shadows and losing our dreams

Comin Around

How can I change the world if I can't even change myself?
I cannot change the way I am?
I don't know, I don't know.
I take a look at the world behind these eyes,

Salva Mea

I hafta admit admire your persistence in stickin to a game plan
That brings ya pain man
And at the end of the day nothin is gained
Listen to the voice within. I'll see ya later


Where did all the love go
Where's the love gone to
We'll fly around the world
give you what you're giving me

Don't Leave

With so much room inside
In such a hurry
With nowhere to stop
With nowhere to stop

Comin Around

A rich creativity
Fever pitch energy
And crazy synchronicity
If you believe

Tweak Your Nipple

But there's no release, no peace
I toss and turn without cease
Like a curse, open my eyes and rise like yeast
At least a couple of weeks since I last slept, kept taking sleepers


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Maxi's Maxims, a thought for the weekend:

You give me a soul fever, And I achieve a new level of grace