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A statement from Maxi

After 15 years(!) and six albums(!!) I think we've probably made our collective point by now and that it's time to close the book and return to the library...

We've had, with you, the most unbelievable, epic and moving experience, stretching over years and tens of thousands of miles... joyful, exhilarating and empowering, we never for a moment thought an affair could last this long. Or be this powerful. Never thought for a moment that the end of this journey would be left to us either... 

Quite naturally people grow, change and leave the things of youth behind them. You've not only brought us with you, but introduced us to y'children too! What're you like..?

The album 'The Dance Never Ends' was written and produced for you, as a thank you, but also as a goodbye.. the tour schedule has been particularly hectic as we attempt to visit as many territories as there are people who wanna see us.. And say thank you.

If I devoted the rest of my life to the task, I could NEVER thank you enough. I have memories that will still be with me in my next life.

But, like when writing a song, you always just 'know' when it's finished... this is and was the "Thank YOU And Goodbye' tour and to be truthful, I really hope you just pick up the ball of your life.. And RUN WITH IT!!

Once again, whether you bought or downloaded a cd, came to a show or told your mates about us... Whether from the beginning or just last week..

Thank you.

You'll be in my heart forever. Listen for my voice in future lifetimes, I only grow in your shadow, you're the sun to me.

One Love.



Comments (97)


15:22pm, 18-03-11

Am absolutely gutted :(
Thanks for the fab music!!! 15 years is soooo NOT enough!!!!


15:56pm, 18-03-11

Thank you Faithless !!
In all the years you did give us So Much Energy and Love,
live you guys and girls where and are Absolutely Amazing to say at least !. Enough Respect; like Maxi says it all the time.

I hope there will still be a Faithless in the future that i can Enjoy live ... it is a silent hope and wish ... if not, i will play your tunes grey and remember your live performances with a Big smile and Warm feeling inside.

Next week we will comme One again @ Pias Nites in Brussels, be prepared, i think i keep on Screeeeeaming !!!


16:09pm, 18-03-11

I so gutted.
you have been playing in my ears for so many years so i would like to thank you for making such amazing music it will live on and i will never stop playing it. We come 1 is your best track thank you agian. one last time WE COME 1 !!!!!!!!!!

16:20pm, 18-03-11

THANK YOU,for all the times listening to your beautiful music,the quiet contemplative times to opening the doors out to the bush and cranking it loud to release.THANKYOU from all the people who drove hundreds of kms to go to a festival to be out of their comfort zones to get close to the stage,meet as excited people and have fun dancing and singing to the great professional shithot show that you are.To see Faithless at the time of big changes for myself,the band and the planet,my hand is on my heart.The love from your Aus fans is huge xx


17:03pm, 18-03-11

Bummer. I had never even heard of you till last year. At least I made it to Rotterdam and saw you there. It was one of the best nights of my life and I'll never forget it. Hope I find you sooner in our next lives. We will again fit together perfectly.


17:21pm, 18-03-11

you are the best for ever gays......thanks 1000000000bllion times!!!!!!!!


18:56pm, 18-03-11

its hard to believe that i never hear and see you live on stage again , you have a special place in my heart i will never forget you , thank you for all those fantastic years and i keep on playing your music all the time
love and a big kiss


19:27pm, 18-03-11

Dakujem za vsetky skvele skladby, albumy a hlavne uzasne koncerty v Prahe a Bratislave! Vzdy ste pre mna boli a budete tou najlepsou live kapelou, ktoru len tazko ina tanecna kapela prekona! Dakujem a verim, ze toto nie je koniec...


20:12pm, 18-03-11

Dear Sister, Maxi and Rollo,

Thank you is not enough to say to explain how I feel for you guys. You, your music, your energy and words was with me when I was great, when I did great things in my life. Your energy was with me when I was fighting great battles in my life, and won!!!!!!!!
You picked me up and told me to go on in more then one way.
And your energy will always be in my heart. You tought me to go much further, you tought me to want much more, you tought me that music matters....

Love you guys and all the best, I will miss you.

Dino from Zagreb, Croatia


20:40pm, 18-03-11

I am heart stricken, maxi i hope we meet in another life or this life if im lucky enough, namaste


22:33pm, 18-03-11

I am happy to see the last concert. You were a part
of my life, thank you ... andy Switzerland


22:54pm, 18-03-11

Hi guys!

I'm so sad for the new
the last concert at Mexico city was incredible, i couldn't watch you so close, but the sound is in me, in my soul, my mind : (
I hope that you can read this, I'm your biggest fan and my greatest desire is be stay by you're side and meet you
you're my favourite band, you're the best and always will be for me...
please don't go

faithless9_11@hotmail.com (watch my love for you)


01:46am, 19-03-11

you will be always in our hearts, in our minds and in our speakers forever...thank you for everything

and see you in Zagreb!


06:20am, 19-03-11

Thank you SO much for everything you guys released. You helped remind me that music matters in some of my darker moments. It was AMAZING to get to see you in Australia - thanks for stopping by our corner of the world so we could enjoy the beautiful sounds you create a little closer. May you find happiness, peace and love wherever life takes you.


07:29am, 19-03-11

I was at the gig at the Geneva Arena yesterday (18.03.2011 - day of the announcement ) and the strain and stress is starting to show. Please remember that you dont get a second chance to make a last good impression ! Having said that, you are still the best band in the world as far as I am concerned !


09:38am, 19-03-11

Hey guys, never missed a faithless show in the netherlands, next Friday in Eindhoven will be the last one :( Thanks for the brilliant shows and music and good luck to you all in the future!

the chaser

12:12pm, 19-03-11

Dear Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss, Rollo and all the other wonderful people that were and still are the part of Faithless,

I can't describe you how sad I am with the fact that you decided to stop your greatest project - Faithless.
You are everything to me, and your wonderful music is the best cure that one can take.

I love you so much, but I never had a chance to meet you. Today (19.03.2011.) is my last chance to reach you...but, even if I fail, I'll enjoy at the concert in Zagreb, Croatia.

Whatever you choose to do next, I wish you all the best form the bottom of my heart & soul.

Thank you for your music,
Matija Mustac, your faithful fan from Zagreb, Croatia


14:11pm, 19-03-11

THanx for your great music!!I hope we listen soon your next project!!
I'm really curious!
Don't miss us!


16:15pm, 19-03-11

I am gutted
Can't belive I wil never see you guys on stage again.
What a fantastic time you gave us at the o2 on the 11/12/2010
Will miss you guys, thanks for a wonderful 15 years
all the best to you


18:20pm, 19-03-11

When i heard the news that you guys were to split, I was gutted. But I would like to thankyou for the past 15 years of fantastic groundbreaking anthems, tunes and banging beats.

Your presence in the music/dancemusic world will be greatly missed

I wish the best to all of you in any new ventures you do

Ste d from Wolverhampton


18:28pm, 19-03-11

I am happy that a witnessing you existence!I am so happy that i saw you last year in Belgrade and now i am going to be in the first row in Belgrade Arena.

I want to thank you

For making me
A little more sure
A little more wise
And courageous!


19:20pm, 19-03-11

I have listened to you for years, your music has brought me through times good and bad , finally got to see you in Birmingham at Christmas just gone, have to say it was one of the best gigs I have ever been too, I will continue to listen and enjoy faithless till the end of my days and like many others hope there will be a faithless yet to come. Good luck to you all and thanks for the music.

yodaman solo

20:43pm, 19-03-11

Ah Faithless!!!! I found out about your decision to retire. I will use the expression so much used here in these comments (I guess it's a English saying?) I am also GUTTED!!! I am very grateful to have had the chance to see you in concert at Rock Werchter! It was magical!!! Your music inspired me and changed me through the years. You are and will always be one of my favourite bands ever and your music will continue to play in my heart forever!!! FOREVER FAITHLESS!!


21:53pm, 19-03-11

Thx so much for THE fab music. Cu in Eindhoven this friday.
Love from Holland

phil callus

22:55pm, 19-03-11

Please don't!!!!
In Maxi's words, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.


01:10am, 20-03-11

im 13 and since i was little i have been brought up listning to your music and even when you return to the library i'll still keep going back to my iTunes library and listning to you!! much love jessy xxx


04:18am, 20-03-11

Guys - Gals (including Zoe, Dido, and others) you are one of the very few bands that put the soul on what they do, thanks for each and every album, it's either the rhythm, the lyrics, they melody, the post production effects like reversed beats, the pitch tempo change, the famous pizzicatos, the beautiful voices, they catchy bass, etc etc. but there is something magic on every song, thanks for all the goose bumps, we will miss you all!.

darth hecatus

09:33am, 20-03-11

I will use a name of one Abba song which will express all what I feel in one sentence :"Thank you for the music" . Every end is also a beginning of something new and I will be looking fwd to it for sure ! Thanks for keeping me young all these 15 years folks ! Forever your fan !


10:54am, 20-03-11

Guys, your music has always been an active part of our life from the beginning... Thanx for every chord you shared! Looking forward to see you once more tomorrow in Budapest. Best of luck!


12:19pm, 20-03-11

I look forward to see you a last time next weekend!


13:46pm, 20-03-11

I just cannot believe it, I haven't seen you enough yet..only 5 times...lol but you will be sorely missed. I can't believe there will be no more albums, no more maxi jumping in the air, no more sister bliss, no more rollo...NO MORE!!! :o(
Even my children are gutted at 7 and 9... they will never get to see you live! But thank you sooo much for all of the happy and wonderful memories of you concerts and you music, it will live on through all of us xxx

ana maria

14:03pm, 20-03-11

Thank you, thank you, thank you...
I know this isn`t the end... I saw it in your eyes last night, Maxi Jazz...
Love you guys ;)


14:21pm, 20-03-11

15yrs your music has been in my head and im sure itll be there for a lot more years!!!!!! respect to you all. Peace and Love!!!


15:53pm, 20-03-11

I thank my mom for having me in time I could witness your existence. Thank you for making me Faithless no more..
p.s.Maxi, yesterday you promised..so I'll hold you to it
One Finger Up, Love...

sheepdog two

19:20pm, 20-03-11

Absolutely GUTTED. To use your own lyrics, Faithless: This is my church, this is where I heal my hurt: THANK YOU FAITHLESS for 15 years of music that reaches into your very soul. RESPECT!!!!!! nuff said xx


20:03pm, 20-03-11

It´s not over.

Forever Faithless.

Love & THANK YOU … for the ball ...


21:01pm, 20-03-11

Dear Faithless memebers and crew,

We're still in tears...but thank you all for the lovely years with the best music, sounds and text ever !!
We can't thank you enough and have deeply respect.
Enjoy the times from now on ..we are looking forward for there is maybe a moment that you all are going to think..it's to quit and will take back the instruments and eachother :)
But first we are looking forward (with mixed feelings) > we are going to see u in Groningen and Eindhoven this week. Option for a meet and great ??? :)
After that >> silence > but we have your cd's and dvd...maybe there is coming a dvd from this tour ?
Look after eachother and take care..
We came one !!!
Lots of love from Roelof & Yvonne


22:33pm, 20-03-11

I grew up with you, what more can I say
Thank you for my beautiful childhood


16:20pm, 21-03-11

Max & Bliss,
Over the last 15 years your music, energy and belief's have been a part of my life that I will always be thankful for. In good times and bad there is a Faithless track to sum up what life really is and where we should look for inspiration, love and contentment. Truly 'Music Matters' and you help teach my children that as well. My Girls, wife and I were lucky enough to meet you all after the show in Nottingham last December and those photo's that we took with you all are treasured now and will always be. Love to all of you for what ever you do next - we will be watching and waiting, and when you decide to do that one final reunion gig, my whole family will be there bouncing to We Come One! Russell, Lisa, Sarah, Jessica, James, Joshua and Oliver. x


22:17pm, 21-03-11


Thank you guys for you're music. It was a big part of my life and will always be. I learned a lot from it. You are one of the best bands in history.

I was at your concert back in July, 2010 in Istanbul - it was the most unforgettable day in my life. Thank you very very very much again.

Nuff respect !!!

and good luck to you.


23:36pm, 21-03-11

Im going to see you in Groningen. Thnx for the best music ever. I love Faithless forever. I could never say that I was a fan of a band or something...untill I had heard of Faithless. Good luck to you all and thanks for the music. Love/Peace, Marleen. Cu 24 of march.


00:19am, 22-03-11

i,L watch for your face in future life times.........i will grow in your shadow , you are the sun to me..... faithless are more than just a band, they are a way of life, more than music, more than sound!!! U tought me that music matters. U tought me 2 look much further!!! i wana thank U.......... this is the end of my world. in the end live! ROLLO IS GOD


00:34am, 22-03-11

sister/sister i love you so much ....................R>I>P FAITHLESS ..................... i hope and pray you get to read this sister, it just a simple message from AL to LA it was love a first sight 4 me xxx 16 years ago sister . 2 me it still feels like 2day


17:17pm, 22-03-11

Faithless, gracias a ustedes yo los conocí hace 12 años y durante ellos fueron la banda que siempre quice conocer y afortunadamente vinieron a México no puedo evitar las lagrimas pero se que es un capitulo que ustedes deben cerrar y les agradezco de todo corazón su música!!!! saludos


18:04pm, 22-03-11

Hi Maxi,Sister Bliss,Rollo,Jamie and all the Faithless crew.I signed up to your site (something I should of done years ago) just so I could post this message.THANK YOU for giving me 15 years of sonic/musical/spiritual/emotional pleasure.I first bought Reverence when I was a mere 19 year old lad,I loved it,loved Maxi's deep thought provoking words,voice and the amazing sounds.NEVER has a dance/alternative band been able to create such uplifting HUGE anthems one minute and sad melancholic moments that make you cry the way you guys do and probably never will. I listened to the song "Flyin Hi" last night after I heard the news that you were no more,Im not ashamed to say,im a 34 year old man and hearing that song brought tears to my eyes.I cant wait to see you one last time at Brixton next month. I will always keep the Faith. All the best guys.



22:05pm, 22-03-11

Above all, I would like to thank you for your empowering and inspirational music. You truly are amazing !
I wish you all the best !
And again, THANK YOU !


12:31pm, 23-03-11

I only got introduced to your music 2 years ago and I cannot believe it's the end already - for me it's still only the beginning.

No band has ever touched me the way you have, your music cheers me up n chills me out and makes me wanna jump about. I'll be listening 2 your music till the day die!

Thank You!!!



19:50pm, 23-03-11

Maxi, Sister Bliss and Rollo.
What can I say. Your music has been amazing, and will continue to be. It has been a real privilage to listen to you, dance to your music and enjoy your output.

Really looking forward to the last gig in Brixton.


21:44pm, 23-03-11

So many gigs, so little time!!! Will miss you.....
From the Barrowlands to TinthePark, to Sydney and back

22:42pm, 23-03-11

from my first album years ago, the first faithless show in Perth to the final concerts in Köln and Düsseldorf 2010... it´s always been unreal to listen to your music. I can´t believe.

Your concerts been so overwhelming, that my best friends could always tell I´ve been to a show again: just by the smile on my face.

I have massive respect for you decision to close the book even tough I don´t think a dance that never ends belongs to to the library. Hope you come back.

Massive peace!


06:27am, 24-03-11

and so the story ends........happy for all the collective though because if any people deserve a break its you guys.. have seen you countless times, and time and time again its always the best gigs ive ever witnessed. you are truely inspirational, has someone earlier pointed out, you are more than music, its a movement, a way of life, and i for one will be using your ethic going forward.......
cant thankyou enough, dont have the words.
last show will be amazing as ever, but i think you may have something special up your sleaves for us to takeaway and enjoy.
all races, all colours all creads got the same needs..... says everything about you faithless people, look after one another, were all we have.
much love.

thankyou so much for all the amazing times over the years


10:34am, 24-03-11

All the best, thank you thank you thank you.



15:39pm, 24-03-11

I listened, cried, danced, loved, enjoyed, everything on Faithless. It was and still is de soundtrack of my life. I want to thank you all for the great experiences I had. You're music and love will be missed!

I've seen you guys like six times or something. But the concert last summer in Amsterdam was one of the best evenings in my life. Holland just won with soccer, it was hot, people were wearing orange, living the good life in the parc. And Faithless rocked with a beautiful sunset on the background. <3

Tonight in Groningen, just three blocks away from my home, I will see you for the last time. It makes me sad, but the dance never ends!

Thank you sooo much for everything. Much love, Barbara


18:26pm, 24-03-11

Faithless was my first expierience in eletronic music - and this was 2002 im 18 now and still listening to this beautiful and almost fantastic music. I wanted to see you on a concert but i missed this chance to do this... i´m really sad taht i can´t see you live, but i still hope that the band will come together and write a new album...

I had to say thank you for the probably best electonic music i´ve ever abled to here !!!

Forever Faithless !


18:51pm, 24-03-11

Faithless, was/is the band, that truly understands the connection between music, dance, people and life.

The first two songs I heard in a night club were INSOMNIA and GOD IS A DJ. They both spoke to me and, for the first time, I felt a band truly understood the club experience.

I cannot thank you all enough for showing up in San Francisco for your only USA show. I was first in line to enter the arena and stood up front. To see such an amazing band in such a small arena meant the world to me.

Thank you for great music throughout the years.

With much love from San Francisco, CA


22:16pm, 24-03-11

Will you Please Come To T in the park 2011 for the last time its a place you love and we love you at it party like its last day on earth !!


23:32pm, 24-03-11



I've seen you:

6.12.1998 Köln

13.11.2001 Düsseldorf : Set List

22.11.2004 Düsseldorf : Set List

13.6.2005 Köln : Autograph +Set List

14.4.07 Köln : Autograph+Set List

25. 10.2010 Phillipshalle Düsseldorf : Set List

26.10.2010 Rotterdam : Photo with Maxi Jazz





15:23pm, 25-03-11

I am already waiting for my future lifetime so that we could come one again. Love you! Thank you for what you gave me!


18:16pm, 25-03-11

have tears in my eyes writing this, I cant believe its over, I will continue to love your work and dance like no one is watching! Thanks for all the fun xxxxx

21:02pm, 25-03-11

I believe that GOD IS A DJ, that together with A KIND OF PEACE to provoked in my head a MASS DESTRUCTION what I felt when he listens to FAITHLESS in Mexico, was memorable something worthy of repeating itself, Now I will listen to his songs though it suffers of INSOMNIA and will satisfy my HOUR OF NEED every day with each one of his successes. I HOPE that where it wants that they go send us POSTCARDS to know of you, IN THE END I remain with an enormous smile and with the recollections that alone you could give me, Only I express that I WANT MORE of Faithless!!!,
Success to all boys.

We will surprise them.
Dibec - Mexico-


21:30pm, 25-03-11

This is my second comment to this list. Sorry but - while reading what people all over the planet send to you - I still cant´believe that your Good Bye becomes real.

I am looking forward to your show @ April 8th. But I´am afraid of it too.

Don´t go! Or even better ... come back soon.
Massive peace!



23:47pm, 25-03-11

That's life but i'm saaaad.

10/12/1998 will be my ever best birthday party with you at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

I'm soo sad to hear we won't hear you in the future but be sure.. i'll be there on the PIAS nites tomorrow 26/3 and you can bet for a warm welcome from Brussels

Forever in my hart and i'll keep the good moments somewhere in my head....

Thanks for all Sister Bliss & Maxi.
Good luck


13:01pm, 27-03-11

Noooooooooooooo maxi you are my idol, im 11 years old and i love your music i remeber growing up listening to insomnia in the summer and not thinking anything of it but in the last couple of years i became really interested and i cam to see you live in sheffield in december with my dad and step mum, your music gives me a range of emotions, my fav tracks are ...
good luck maxi sister bliss and rolo


14:51pm, 27-03-11

I was yesterday at PIAS nites... Goodness me! THat was floorless. The first time I saw you in concert. Gorgeous. Magnificient. Thank you so much!!! That was just incredibly GREAAAAAAAAT!!!! The best concert in my entire life. Thanks again!


15:42pm, 27-03-11

Noooo! You can't stop now. The music never ends surely?? I can't believe this if the final curtain and hope that you will still carry on making your fabulous music in some for or another. Lots of love peace and gratitute from an 'older' fan in Milton Keynes. xx


18:40pm, 27-03-11



00:39am, 28-03-11

Here in America, Faithless is pretty hard to come by. I'm 18 years old and I just learned about Faithless last year but since then I've bought every single one of your albums. Maxi Jazz, you are such an inspiration to me when it comes to philosophy and lyrical style. Sister Bliss, your vibes and melodies inspire me to do fresh and innovative things with my music (as you do with your). Rollo, your modesty is admirable enough. Though I'm fairly new to you all, I can honestly say that I'd rather being hearing Faithless in the club then anyone else. You all are the sun to me. Thank you.


04:26am, 28-03-11

please, don´t go. I saw you last year at Ultra. Can´t believe that was the first and last time i´ll ever see you. Been a fan for 11 years. thank you for the wonderful music, and the beautiful times. im devastated...hugs and kisses from Guatemala


09:05am, 29-03-11

I was lucky enough to see Faithless in all 4 concerts that took place in Thessaloniki in these 15 years. We're gonna miss you, thank you for the wonderful music and incredible concerts.


19:18pm, 29-03-11

Dear Faithless,

I simply don't know what to say- A little bit of my heart has been crushed.. :(

You are and always will be a legendary band who opened my eyes to the world of music. From the early age of 8 when I heard 'Not Enuff Love' to the tender age of 18 and the point where I have almost every track you've ever released, nothing compares to your sonic perfection. Having been enlightened by your breath-taking gigs twice, I will have a real sadness in my heart when I see you for the last time at Brixton on the 7th April, knowing that you will be no more...

Of course you will still live on through your recordings, but it won't quite be the same. (This is literally bringing tears to my eyes...)

What can I say... you will be sorely missed.

Faithless- YOU'RE the sun to me.
Thank you.


21:03pm, 29-03-11

No Maxi, you dont need to thank, we all have to thank you for all amazing moments you've gave us. Im so glad i was on your show in Kosice last year, it will be in my heart forever.
I will miss you so much..thank you for all your music.


00:03am, 30-03-11

Dear faithless,

I will miss you and your music so much. 15 years are such a long and yet such a short period of time. I love your music and always will love it! You have a special place in our hearts because you reached it with your music. I'm very sad because I always wanted to go to see one of your concerts and now this will be no longer possible. Therefore I will take my last chance and watch your last performance in the cinema. Faithles -you were a pebble and you started a ripple and on the 8. april the whole world will come one with you and because of you! Thank you for so great music and moments. I will always remember you because you're special!!


00:46am, 30-03-11

It's been a pleasure to listen to and see you over the years, no other musical experience comes close to a Faithless gig, absolute quality!!.....If anyone knows if the filming at the Doncaster Dome gig 2010 is available on a dvd or something it would be great to know how to get hold of a copy, that was a small gig but a massive night!! Something to re-live the moment in my old age hehe!
To all the band and vocalists thank you for some great times and the music will live on ....Forever Faithless!!

01:28am, 30-03-11

Reverence What can I say, I skipped work and never took my earphones off for 4 days! I Danced I Cried and I found the strength to grieve for my Mum.
Faithless Your gift of Music to follow has consumed me to this very moment. The feeling that I will never unlock a new Faithless track or album is torment.
Nobody comes close to the Mighty, Awesome, Inspiring Faithless! Beyond words I will Miss You.

20:49pm, 30-03-11

dear maxi,sisterbliss,rollo and all the faithless crew i have listened to you since the very start and cant believe this is the end you have been with me through the good times and the bad you give me the strength to carry on in the face of adversity your music has shaped my life and the views i hold to this very day every song on every album has meaning to me and all those around me that i managed to convert which wasnt hard if your music was a mirror you'd be able to see exactly what it is about you that im addicted to you have inspired thousands of people around the world not at least myself for which i will never be able to thank you enough i will listen to you until my dying day you will live forever in my heart and my soul will carry you into my next life where we will meet again thank you so much for the greatest musical talent the world has seen for the past 15years cant wait until glasgow on monday nite i will be rite at the front emersing myself in your greatness luv you always stuart xxx


22:45pm, 30-03-11

I am now nearly 50 years old, but I feel young because of your music. You are the best Dance-Band I have ever seen or heard. I have been to your last Concert in Brussels and it was fantastic. Now my girlfriend and I will go to Brixton to say goodbye. But I hope to see you again once in my life!
Thank you for everything, you are absolutely special and you brought the sun in our life!
Germany loves you!


22:13pm, 31-03-11

Hi Faithless,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the fantastic music you have made!

Years ago I was fascinated by the sound of Insomnia, went to your concert in De Oosterpoort, Groningen and bought all your albums... and played them over and over, and still will. Your music is classic!

One of my favourites is the song 'Take the long way home' (and (thus) I used the title as a theme for an almanac of a student track & field club :-) ).

After hearing the (sad) news that Faithless stops, I am even more happy that I was able to be at your concert in Ahoy, Rotterdam last November. It was massive.

Your music will last Forever Faithless

Thanks again.

(The Netherlands)


22:44pm, 31-03-11

Every good thing, sadly, has to come to an end. I'd just like to thank the band for music that will in years to come be regarded as just as imortant as that of the beatles, stones and even abba. Your music moved me and if I had to take 10 records on a desert island, Faithless 6 albums would be there, music that has so many levels. I am 54 and you made me feel like a teenager again. Thanks to you all, and lets hope that this isn't the last we will hear Faithless in some way or another. Sad it had to end.


17:14pm, 02-04-11

You created world of your own and you shared it with us... Thank you for this. All your beats will live in our hearts and your lyrics won't get out of our heads for long time because you made us to come one!
Best wishes for all of you.


23:57pm, 02-04-11

guess it's true you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone,
thought it would last forever, you have delicately shaped the world in ways you will never know and left your imprint and music for the future to discover and enjoy.
best wishes for the future,
thank you!


14:46pm, 04-04-11

thanks for the music that provides me with so much inspiration.Different songs reach me on different days and they always give me peace.My kids have been listening to you since they were very young and i know when they are old they will still be listening.To all who have contributed to one of the greatest bands - Slainte and may the future shine brighter.


10:23am, 05-04-11

hello people! ok i have two tickets for the faithless gig for friday. selling them at the originial price i bought them for. contact me at dits20@gmail.com if anyone is interested.


14:18pm, 05-04-11

I have many great memories of your gigs; having seen you a number of times at the Manchester MEN, at Creamfields in Liverpool, also at the V Festival In Staffordshire.
It is a sad day to think there will be no more...
God bless you all and I sincerely hope that you have some quality time with all your families!
Thank you for many great years...


19:40pm, 06-04-11

It'll be a sad end to Friday night but if anyone can go out with a roar it'll be you guys. Seen you many times but it's never enough, I guess our memories will have to do from then on . . . .

Thanks backatcha Maxi, there'll never be another Faithless . . .

a heap

19:54pm, 06-04-11

For all the fabulous times I've had listening and watching you.
Was absolutely gutted it's the end as we know it..... I wish you all the very best for the future and I'll be watching you in Manchester on Friday


22:51pm, 08-04-11

Right NOW you are playing the final Faithless show ... EVER.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A lot of mercy ... so much LOVE. Thank you. PEACE.


17:51pm, 09-04-11

The Academy gig Thursday was tremdous. Once again you move people. You are loved. We are your other family. You are played constantly in my home and your music touches out hearts.
But where will you explore now? Always best to quit while you are ahead... but you are so far ahead. Still.


20:25pm, 09-04-11

see u less.......miss u more!!!


19:48pm, 12-04-11

Just wanted to say..

I was only 2 years old when you first came together and mum brought me up on your music.. and boy do I remember! At the age of 17 I hold your albums and came to see you live in Cardiff 2010 as a christmas present (the best christmas present ever!). That was probably one of the most happiest times ever so when I listen to your music it takes me back to how I felt! Thankyou for your music and to my mum for bringing me up on such amaaazing music, I wouldn't change it for the world! It's true.. the dance never ends!


13:14pm, 14-04-11

No Maxi!! You are the sun and we cast out shadows away from you as we stare at your brilliance.

So many times I have reflected on your effortless lyrics and pondered on their meaning. So powerful yet so under rated.

You represent what’s true!! For you are the left eye and I am the right, it would be madness to fight we ARE ONE!!


12:36pm, 20-04-11

I've been blessed with being a fan from the beginning and to join in The Dance at your live shows! What an amazing atmosphere you guys make!

Maxi, you have a truly beautiful presence and an incredible way with words, such wisdom... I'm really going to miss you.

It's sad to see this moment come, but your music will live on in all of us Faithful fans... that's for certain!

Thanks for giving us great music & memories
I hope to hear your voice again soon
Love & Peace x


04:46am, 04-05-11

music by you has moved mountains , has cured the ever weeping sadness from my heart. i dont wanna see you go i wanna miss you less and see you more! i dont believe a more poetic lyrical genus has ever graced the world such as you i do...i do i pray the good bye maybe smoke and mirrors but i brace myself for your departure...dont go too far for too long Maxi, the world will get sad without you writing the lyrics that make it turn


10:48am, 18-05-11

I couldn't hold a tear while reading the statement. I've been here for all of your journey and followed almost every step. When i heard you were coming back to Finland, I was swept away, and when I heard the gig was canceled, I was crushed. But still I couldn't be more happier that i saw you 2002 in Provinssirock. Best summer ever.

I understand it's time to move on. It's like ending a long relationship. Even if everything has an expiration date, your songs, ideology and heritage will live forever. Thank you for all of these years! Thank you for giving my best times in life. You're always the sun to me.




19:55pm, 14-06-11

Happy Birthday Maxi...Hope you're having a wicked one my friend...Peace n Love Marc


10:05am, 29-06-11

thank you faithless for a wonderfull great inteligent music that we hear it was a very pleasure to hear your music part of my life was build on the words in your music.every morning i hera your music.im very sad that faithless will be no more.i going to miss you guys a lot.in your music you describe my feelings exacly especially insomnia.thank you maxi.sister bliss as a ayala ben tovim.and rolo and the other thank you i love you very much.


09:15am, 05-07-11

Hey maxi, that´s a great pity you want to break off. I´ve seen one show in Leipzig and one in Berlin . These two concerts were the best I´ve ever seen and heard. Every cd you released I bought. So I hope you, sister bliss, rollo, the wonderful female percussionist , with the glitter-glamour-hat and all the fabulous FAITHLESS- musicians need just a break and you bring back your incredable energy on worlds stages and cd´s .
Thomas, a fan from germany.


08:29am, 12-05-12

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